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Kulinarischer Jakobsweg
Start on July 9th 2022

Hiking in Ischgl at the Paznaun equals pleasure for all senses – The motto being: “Leisurely hikes and culinary delights”.

It’s the perfect option to connect amazing nature impressions, green meadows, harsh cliff faces, breathtaking views, fresh mountain air and beautiful flower fields with unique culinary delights on five different huts in the Paznaun valley. Local top chefs are supposed to bring a breath of fresh air into the kitchens of five select mountain huts at the Paznaun. Then, the dishes created for the event remain on the respective hut’s menu for the rest of summer season.

Whether it’s up to the Jamtal hut, the Friedrichshafener hut, the Heidelberger hut, the Almstrüberl or the Ascher hut: lovers of nature are going to enjoy every single one of the five routes. At the Culinary St. Jacobs Way Patrick will present his dish “Tyrolean style pasta with cabbage, venison ham and mountain cheese foam” on July 20th at the Heidelberger Hut.

Patrick Raaß’s dish
for the “Heiderlberger Hütte”

Tyrolean style pasta with cabbage, venison ham and mountain cheese foam

Ingredients for the pasta:
300g wheat-semolina flour
10 egg yolk
1 pinch salt

Ingredients for the cabbage:
600g cabbage
2  onions
40g sugar
70ml apple-vinegar
140ml dry white wine
1 pinch caraway
280ml beef consommé
70g butter
1 tablespoon chives

Ingredients for the mountain cheese foam:
400ml milk
400ml cream
1 shallot
10ml oil
125g „paznauner mountain cheese” – 6 months old

200g thin chopped, lightly smoked venison ham

Preperation for the dish

The pasta dough:
Place egg yolks in a bowl of a food processor. Add slowly the wheat semolina. After that add salt and knead it, with a hook into a smooth dough. Wrap the dough in cling film and let it rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.
After resting, roll out the dough with a pasta machine (or a rolling pin) to a thickness of 2mm and cut into square shapes with a pastry wheel.

The cabbage:
For the cabbage, first cut the onion into fine cubes and cut the cabbage into squares (same size as the pasta dough). Then caramelize the sugar in a pan. Add the onions and the cabbage. Then deglaze with apple cider vinegar and white wine. Now add the butter and cumin, fill up with beef consommé and simmer it gently for 10 minutes. As soon as a creamy consistency results, the cabbage is ready.
Boil the pasta in well-salted water until al dente (2-3 minutes). Then mix the cooked pasta into the cabbage and add the finely chopped chives underneath.

Mountain-cheese foam:
Cut the shallot in small cubes and sauté in oil. Add the cream and milk.  Bring the cream-milk mixture to boil. Mix the mountain cheese with salt and pepper into the cream-milk texture. Then strain it through a fine sieve.
Serve the finished pasta with cabbage on a plate. If desired, place the thin venison ham on top and pour the foamed mountain cheese foam over it.

TIP – your choice:
The dish can be garnished with halved cherry tomatoes or paprika powder as desired.