Kulinarischer Jakobsweg
Start 10. Juli 2021

Hiking in Ischgl at the Paznaun equals pleasure for all senses – The motto being: “Leisurely hikes and culinary delights”.

It’s the perfect option to connect amazing nature impressions, green meadows, harsh cliff faces, breathtaking views, fresh mountain air and beautiful flower fields with unique culinary delights on five different huts in the Paznaun valley. Local top chefs are supposed to bring a breath of fresh air into the kitchens of five select mountain huts at the Paznaun. Then, the dishes created for the event remain on the respective hut’s menu for the rest of summer season.

Whether it’s up to the Jamtal hut, the Friedrichshafener hut, the Heidelberger hut, the Almstrüberl or the Ascher hut: lovers of nature are going to enjoy every single one of the five routes. At the Culinary St. Jacobs Way Patrick will present his dish “cheese dumplings with buttermilk on peperonata” on July 31st at the Heidelberger Hut.

Patrick Raass' dish
for the Heidelbergerhut


Cheese dumplings:
250g bread cubes (made of dry white bread) | 400g grated Paznauner mountain cheese
100g onion cubes | 25g butter | 3 eggs | 90ml buttermilk | salt | pepper | nutmeg

2 red bell pepper | 2 yellow bell pepper | 1 red onion | 4 dryed tomatoes
500ml tomato sauce | 1 garlic clove | 1 pinch of cayenne pepper
1 bay leaf | 1 rosemary sprig | grated orange zest | salt | pepper


Mix the bread cubes with the butter milk and let it soak. Lightly braise the onion cubes in butter. Mix the eggs with the mountain cheese and all the spices. Combine all together, knead it lightly and form small patties. Fry the patties in oil from both sides.

Cut the bell pepper, onion and dried tomatoes into small cubes. Heat up some olive oil in a pan and roast the cubes. When reached the right color, fill it up with the tomato sauce, add the rosemary and bay leaf and let it boil down lightly. In the end add salt, pepper, grated garlic, cayenne pepper and orange zest to taste.